“Furtility: Robust Hair Styling”

  • ©Curtis Andrus and Mark Manca

  • ©Curtis Andrus and Mark Manca



Entry Number: 76


    Furtility: Robust Hair Styling



    MPC’s proprietary fur creation system, Furtility, is used by our Groom department for all the fur, hair and feathers on our characters. Furtility is a procedural tool, sampling the character’s mesh and growing fur at each sample on-demand. This is done by applying a sequence of GOPs (Geometry Operators) to curve geometry spawned at each sample location. This allows the artists to give the fur its desired characteristics (curls, clumps, frizz, etc.). The Mesh Style GOP, first created for The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, allows artists to control the overall shape of the groom from a sparse set of manually groomed guide curves. Nowadays it’s used in nearly every groom, and the number of guide curves can get into the thousands for a creature covered in fur (roughly 5000 for a character on an upcoming project). To handle the increasing number of furry characters in our projects, we re-worked a core component of this GOP to be much more robust and usable by the artists.


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