“Frontiers Workshop: Shaping the Role of Design in the Era of AI” by Berzowska, Inakage, Smith, Kasra, Kim, et al. …

  • ©Joanna (Joey) Maria Berzowska, Masa Inakage, Makai Smith, Mona Kasra, June Kim, John Underkoffler, Nicolas Henchoz, and Francis Aish




    Frontiers Workshop: Shaping the Role of Design in the Era of AI



    This session will bring together attendees who value the role of design disciplines in shaping the future of graphic/interactive technologies, aiming to foster a vibrant community for next generation designers. The ways in which designers create and implement future visions for the world are especially affected by advances in digital technologies, tools, and processes. How are design disciplines responding to technological innovations, including new interaction techniques, AI/ML, and ubiquitous biometrics? Members of the ACM SIGGRAPH Design Committee and invited speakers will lead discussions and activities to map out pressing areas of interest and concern, as well as new opportunities.

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