“Frontiers Workshop: Measurable Creative AI”

  • ©Kenric Allado-McDowell, Stephanie Dinkins, Ethan Edwards, Eunsu Kang, and Sang-won Leigh


    The idea of applying AI to creative endeavors activates the games/vfx industries, artists, manufacturing, tech company labs, and academics, but much of what is published on the topic shows there is still a great degree of siloing within these various fields. SIGGRAPH is an ideal context for these diverse constituencies to develop shared perspectives on goals, outcomes, and metrics for this emerging field.

    Our half-day workshop for SIGGRAPH pulls from the industries above to give a wide view on what “creative AI” means in practice and what people’s goals and aspirations are in the space. Framed with panel discussion from field experts, we will conduct a hands-on session around “measurable” goals to collaboratively define, apply, and iterate on metrics for evaluating creative AI. Partnering with the Art Gallery and Art Papers programs, we have unique subjects for this analysis drawn from the creative projects present at the conference.

    Bringing people together to talk about common goals (the “Measurable” part of the workshop title) and objectives in this space suits the Frontiers program. This work can help inform the direction that researchers take when developing creative AI tools, and potentially form the foundation for new collaborative relationships.

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