“Frontiers in Perceptually Based Image Synthesis: Modeling, Rendering, Display, Validation” by Ferwerda, Rushmeier and Watson

  • ©James A. Ferwerda, Holly E. Rushmeier, and Benjamin Watson


Entry Number: 03


    Frontiers in Perceptually Based Image Synthesis: Modeling, Rendering, Display, Validation

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    An understanding of the fundamentals of modeling, rendering, and display issues in image synthesis. Familiarity with perceptual issues in graphics at the level of previous SIGGRAPH courses is useful, but not required since brief reviews of fundamental concepts are presented.

    Perceptually based modeling, rendering, display, and experimental validation techniques. Core concepts in perception-based approaches. Limitations of current approaches. Unsolved problems. Promising directions for future perceptually based image-synthesis research.

    A survey of the state of the art in perceptually based image synthesis, focusing on four areas: modeling, rendering, display, and validation. This course will be of interest to graphics practitioners who want to understand the scope and limitations of perceptually based techniques and to researchers who are looking for new opportunities in perceptually based image synthesis.


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