“From VFX Project Management to Predictive Forecasting”

  • ©Hannes Ricklefs, Stefan Puschendorf, Sandilya Bhamidipati, Brian Eriksson, and Akshay Pushparaja



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    From VFX Project Management to Predictive Forecasting



    VFX production companies are currently challenged by the increasing complexity of visual effects shots combined with constant schedule demands. The ability to execute in an efficient and cost-effective manner requires extensive coordination between different sites, different departments, and different artists. This coordination demands data-intensive analysis of VFX workflows beyond standard project management practices and existing tools. In this paper, we propose a novel solution centered around a general evaluation data model and APIs that convert production data (job/scene/shot/schedule/task) to business intelligence insights enabling performance analytics and generation of data summarization for process controlling. These analytics provide an impact measuring framework for analyzing performance over time, with the introduction of new production technologies, and across separate jobs. Finally, we show how the historical production data can be used to create predictive analytics for the accurate forecasting of future VFX production process performance.


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