“Freeform Curves and Surfaces II”

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    Freeform Curves and Surfaces II

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    Who should attend?

    This course is for people involved both managerially and technically with computer-aided design of three-dimensional objects with freeform surfaces.

    Recommended background

    The lecturers will assume a certain level of calculus background and some familiarity with computer graphics display devices, as well as some familiarity with the ideas and issues presented in the Monday course entitled Freeform Curves and Surfaces I.

    Course description

    In the morning, emphasis will be placed on developing an intuitive understanding of B-spline and Beta-Spline Curves and surfaces and on a comparison of the shape control provided by each. The afternoon will pick up the ideas and issues initiated in Monday’s Freeform Curves and Surfaces I. A lecture on the relationships between probability and geometric design schemes will be followed by a lecture on the use of sculptured surfaces to perform solid modeling.

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    Pete Segal

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