“Freeform Curves and Surfaces I” by Cohen, Gordon, Riesenfeld, Seitelman and Thomas

  • ©Elaine Cohen, William J. Gordon, Richard F. Riesenfeld, Lee Seitelman, and Spencer W. Thomas



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    Freeform Curves and Surfaces I

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    Who should attend?

    This course is for people involved both managerially and technically with computer-aided design of three-dimensional objects with freeform surfaces.

    Recommended background

    The lecturers will assume a certain level of calculus background and some familiarity with computer graphics display devices.

    Course description

    Introductory concepts as well as some specialized current research topics will be presented at an intuitive, tutorial level. An introduction will cover basic interpolation and approximation curve forms leading to polynomial and spline representations. An overview of computational techniques including subdivision and their relation to discrete splines will be given. Additional lectures will describe extensions to surfaces and display algorithms, use of set operations in this type of geometric modeling and modeling tasks in which these ideas are used.

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