“Fluid dynamics and lighting implementation in PixelJunk Shooter 2” by Kessler, Carabaich and Kinoshita

  • ©Jaymin Kessler, Paolo Carabaich, and Naoki Kinoshita




    Fluid dynamics and lighting implementation in PixelJunk Shooter 2



    PixelJunk Shooter 2 is a video game for the Playstation 3 in which the player must navigate a spaceship through a two dimensional environment, solving physics-based puzzles and rescuing survivors to progress. A key element of the game is the use of realtime fluid dynamics to simulate a range of materials (such as solids, lava, water and gases) and their interactions with both each other and the surrounding environment. In this paper we will present the algorithms used to achieve this in realtime utilizing the parallel processing elements of the PS3, and discuss techniques developed for extending these to the efficient calculation of lighting and visibility occlusion information.

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