“Flat shading road versus photo realistic road for AR-based car navigation” by Sawano and Okada

  • ©Hiroaki Sawano and Minoru Okada

  • ©Hiroaki Sawano and Minoru Okada




    Flat shading road versus photo realistic road for AR-based car navigation



    To guide a driver to his/her destination smoothly, there are car- navigation systems utilizing a driver’s view display as indicated in  Fig. 1 (a). The authors have developed a car navigation system based on an augmented reality (AR) display method as shown in Fig. 1 (b)[2005] to use a real-time video from a camera equipped on the front of a vehicle. The abailability of the system has already studied in [2005]. Here the authors focus on the three-dimensional computer graphics (3D-CG) road by flat shading in our system. In  this paper we propose a photo realistic road with velocity synchro- nization instead of the flat and static shading one.  


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    2. Sawano, H., and Okada, M. 2006. A road extraction method by an active contour model with inertia and differential features. In IEICE Trans. Inf. Syst. JAPAN, Vol. E89–D, No. 7 (to appear).

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©Hiroaki Sawano and Minoru Okada

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