“Filmmaking Fever Dream: Crafting “Turning Red”” by Feinberg, Kanyuk, Sheffler, Pytko, Andraos, et al. …

  • ©Danielle Feinberg, Paul Kanyuk, Bill Sheffler, Jonathan Pytko, Eric Andraos, and Jacob Brooks




    Filmmaking Fever Dream: Crafting "Turning Red"


Project Affiliation:

    Pixar Animation Studios


    When a director tells you the visual goal for a film is a “teenage fever dream” what do you do? From the outset, the goal for Turning Red was to make something visually unique to go with the outrageous antics of the film. Phrases like “teenage fever dream” and “chunky cute” were bandied about, as were references to anime, video games and other very graphic art forms. In this talk, you will hear from the talented folks that found a way to bring all of that and more to each of their disciplines. Along the way, we developed new technology to help reach the goal but we also all had to learn how to break the rules and use the tools in new and interesting ways.


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