“Fast animation and control of nonrigid structures” by Witkin and Welch

  • ©Andrew P. Witkin and William Welch




    Fast animation and control of nonrigid structures

Session/Category Title: Animation




    We describe a fast method for creating physically based animation
    of non-rigid objects. Rapid simulation of non- rigid behavior is
    based on global deformations. Con- straints are used to connect
    non-rigid pieces to each other, forming complex models. Constraints
    also provide mo- tion control, allowing model points to be moved
    accurately along specified trajectories. The use of deformations
    that are linear in the state of the system causes the constraint
    matrices to be constant. Pre-inverting these matrices there- fore
    yields an enormous benefit in performance, allowing reasonably
    complex models to be manipulated at interac- tive speed.

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