“Extraction of characteristic motion in dancing by factor analysis” by Miura, Mitobe, Kaiga, Yukawa, Taniguchi, et al. …

  • ©Takeshi Miura, Kazutaka Mitobe, Takaaki Kaiga, Takashi Yukawa, Toshiyuki Taniguchi, and Noboru Yoshimura




    Extraction of characteristic motion in dancing by factor analysis



    There are many notation methods for description of dancing motion. In some methods, characteristic fundamental motions, by which entire motion of dancing can be reconstructed, are corresponded to symbols. In this study, we try to extract the characteristic motions of dancing automatically by analyzing the motion capture data acquired in performance of dancing. We adapted the technique of factor analysis[Cramer 1966] as analyzing method of motion capture data, focusing attention on the spatial correlation of motions of each part of human body.


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