“Exploring New Roles for Interactive Virtual Characters” by Berry, Friedlander, Marinelli and Pinhanez

  • ©Rodney Berry, Larry Friedlander, Donald (Don) Marinelli, and Claudio Pinhanez



Entry Number: 08


    Exploring New Roles for Interactive Virtual Characters




    Many researchers and trials are trying to introduce interactivity in movies, theater, and performance. But what is the purpose? What do people gain by having a conversation with Einstein or role-playing Juliet? What types of new experiences and feelings are available via interaction with interactive virtual characters? How can a narrative structure survive in the context of interactivity? And can we integrate interactive technologies and the techniques, knowledge, and crafts of the traditional arts and media? This panel examined the explorations and experiences of five researchers and artists who have been deeply involved in making interactive characters and environments. 

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