“Expansible table: for visualizing daily experiences of reading” by Akita, Shibata, Sumaki, Ochiai and Okude

  • ©Marie Akita, Itsuki Shibata, Kazuya Sumaki, Kaori Ochiai, and Naohito Okude




    Expansible table: for visualizing daily experiences of reading



    In this paper, we suggest a table which expands our daily experience of reading. Today, we can read books freely under one’s interpretation. We draw underlines and write personal comments to the opinion of the writer. These processes of reading are complex. Our interpretations against certain theme are earned not from one book but from multiple books. This is the focus of our project. With this system a line of our experience in reading is visualized on the table. We used to open multiple books on the table and read them by referring to interesting pages of each books. By supporting this experience with digital technology, we are able to do the whole activities more conveniently. For example, we won’t be carrying around multiple books just to see certain pages. We are also able to manipulate lots of information as a digital data, and express the relationship of multiple books in details. These new experience will be a help to support expanding personal intellectual activities.

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