“Establishing intelligence in dynamic real time 3D characters” by Chavez and Lan

  • ©Mark Chavez and Tan Siew Lan




    Establishing intelligence in dynamic real time 3D characters



    The Artificial Intelligence Markup Language (AIML) has established itself as the standard language for programming artificial intelligence (AI) for virtual real-time 3D characters. Studies on the use of AIML for AI development on virtual real-time 3D characters have been largely limited. With an emphasis on linking the character and human’s conversation with visual changes in the character, a link was established between the discourse and the visual representation of the character. By using logged interactions and other test modes, the TSL AIML Search tool was developed to provide an effective way of authoring the AI of the virtual real-time 3D characters. The present focus is directed at the creation of an emotive engine that detects discourse contents. It will be used to handle conversation on a single virtual real-time 3D character in an emotive and intelligent way on the topics being addressed. 


    1. Tan Siew Lan and Prof. Mark Chavez. TSL AIML Search Tool: A Development Tool for Parsing AIML Strings for your ChatBots. http://www.clone3d.com/research/index.html

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