“Environment-Adaptive Contact Poses for Virtual Characters” by Kang, Yoon, Do and Lee

  • ©Changgu Kang, Leonard Yoon, Min Seok Do, and Sung-Hee Lee

  • ©Changgu Kang, Leonard Yoon, Min Seok Do, and Sung-Hee Lee

  • ©Changgu Kang, Leonard Yoon, Min Seok Do, and Sung-Hee Lee



Entry Number: 42


    Environment-Adaptive Contact Poses for Virtual Characters



    A virtual character that exhibits natural poses in relation to various items of furniture of arbitrary shape will give the impression of being able to perceive space. Recently, Liu et al. [2010] developed a physics-based animation technique that generates motions involving complex contacts with an environment, such as rolling. Lin et al. [2012] developed a novel framework using a sketching interface in which a user draws a target pose as a two-dimensional stick figure and determining a suitable three-dimensional pose with the genetic algorithm and gradient based optimization solver.
    We develop a novel method that automatically finds various candidate poses suitable to the target environment and lets a user select the preferred pose. Given the user-specified location and direction, our method computes the potential support contacts for the character in the surrounding geometry of the environment and generates a set of stable poses that contact-rich and penetrationfree. Our method allows for creating various contact poses including lying and standing poses.


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