“Elf: electronic life forms”

  • ©Pascal Glissmann and Martina Hofflin




    Elf: electronic life forms



    “Elf electronic-life-forms” is a research project in the intersection of art, design, science and technology. The installation will be shown at the SIGGRAPH 2005 Art Gallery. With this sketch we would like to introduce our project and discuss it in the context of historic and contemporary approaches to artificial life.
    Robots still do not have the abilities that science and fiction promised us. Therefore, our work is focused on very simple near- life approaching systems. “Elfs” are small mechanical systems powered by solar energy that behave as natural living systems in many aspects. Viewers’ immediate compassion for these life forms is an amazing experience, even though their abilities are very limited. Elf is a two-part installation developed in the context of a research project by Pascal Glissmann and Martina Höfflin.

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