“Efficient Substitutes for Subdivision Surfaces” by Verma, Schneider, Mitchell, Castaño, Peters, et al. …

  • ©Vivek Verma, Philip Schneider, Jason L. Mitchell, Ignacio Castaño, Jörg Peters, and Tianyun Ni



Entry Number: 14


    Efficient Substitutes for Subdivision Surfaces



    Subdivision surfaces provide a compact representation for smooth surfaces that facilitate modeling and animation. They have widespread application in the movie industry, and there’s a natural desire to use them also in real-time applications. This course presents theoretical results, implementations, applications, and future research directions. Topics include an introduction to subdivision surfaces, an overview of the surface-evaluation algorithms that are suitable for real-time rendering, implementation of those algorithms on current and next-generation GPUs, and other practical considerations. The course concludes with a section on practical application of these theoretical schemes and GPU implementations to Valve’s source game engine and ILM’s film production.

    Level: Intermediate

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