“DynaPix: Normal Map Pixelization for Dynamic Lighting” by Gandeaga, Iliash, Careaga and Aksoy

  • ©Gerardo Gandeaga, Denys Iliash, Chris Careaga, and Yagiz Aksoy



Entry Number: 38


    DynaPix: Normal Map Pixelization for Dynamic Lighting



    This work introduces DynaPix, a Krita extension that automatically generates pixelated images and surface normals from an input image. DynaPix is a tool that aids pixel artists and game developers more efficiently develop 8-bit style games and bring them to life with dynamic lighting through normal maps that can be used in modern game engines such as Unity. The extension offers artists a degree of flexibility as well as allows for further refinements to generated artwork. Powered by out of the box solutions, DynaPix is a tool that seamlessly integrates in the artistic workflow.


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