“Dynamic Vertex Hierarchies for View-dependent Progressive Meshes” by Merrin and Shah

  • ©Jonathan Merrin and Michael Shah



Entry Number: 58


    Dynamic Vertex Hierarchies for View-dependent Progressive Meshes



    Triangles are one way we measure the complexity in a synthesized image. There often exists a trade-off between how realistic the synthesized image is based on the number of triangles and the overall rendering time. In real time applications, this trade-off becomes more important as we need to render detailed scenes at a fixed frame rate without sacrificing image quality. We propose a new view-dependent method that creates a more dynamic structure and is easy to parallelize. We also propose an amortized rebalancing operation to reduce long dependency lines in our data structure, prevent worst-case behavior, and in some instances improve the average case.

    Our implementation is still in-progress, but our new method is provably consistent and has potential to reduce the amount of storage needed for view-dependent methods and remove more geometry at higher fidelity, along with other performance improvements.


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