“Dust and Cobwebs for Toy Story 4” by Chang and Luoh

  • ©Hosuk Chang and David Luoh

  • ©Hosuk Chang and David Luoh



Entry Number: 28


    Dust and Cobwebs for Toy Story 4



    The Toy Story universe makes its home at small scales, with the camera sometimes just a few centimeters from surfaces where typical shader approaches are unable to provide the desired level of detail. For environments like the Second Chance Antiques Store for Toy Story 4, the Set Extensions team developed systems to generate dimensional, granular elements such as dust, small debris, and cobwebs to enhance storytelling and ambiance. In addition to improving realism, these elements help indicate how hidden or exposed an area is from human observation and elevated the sense of drama and history.



    Many thanks to Gary Bruins, Michael Hall, Amit Baadkar, Cody Harrington, Hiroaki Narita, Yaa-Lirng Tu, Michael Rice, Ariela Fedorov, and Marlena Fecho for their support in this work.


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