“Distributed Graphic Systems: Workstations, Microcomputers and Mainframes” by Brown, Crawford, Hamlin, Paller, Rankin, et al. …

  • ©Mark David Brown, John T. Crawford, Griffith (Griff) Hamlin, Alan Paller, William Rankin, David M. Shuey, and Alan Young



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    Distributed Graphic Systems: Workstations, Microcomputers and Mainframes

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    Who should attend?

    This course on principles is aimed at managers, users and developers who need guidelines and examples for implementation of distributed graphic systems.

    Recommended background

    This course presumes interest in and basic knowledge of computer graphics, hardware, data communication, data bases, application software and their combination into distributed graphics systems.

    Course description

    This course will present principles and application case studies. Principles to be addressed will include motivations for technology and organizations, workstation characteristics and implications for standards and application software, data distribution strategies, partitioning guidelines and alternative architectures. Application case studies will be drawn from software development, education, printing and publication, business graphics and both mechanical and electronic product design and manufacturing. Application case studies will describe purpose of the application, system configuration, connection to existing facilities, bottlenecks and other problems, benefits and lessons learned.

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