“Dewy: a condensation display” by Parkes and Offenhuber

  • ©Amanda Parkes and Dietmar Offenhuber

  • ©Amanda Parkes and Dietmar Offenhuber




    Dewy: a condensation display



    This sketch presents Dewy, a display surface of ‘pixelized’ condensation, creating images, patterns and text out of the process of the physical state change of water. Dewy works like a spatially controlled fogged window, one that can communicate back to you, conveying information through a slow and subtle means. In developing Dewy, we have been motivated by an aversion to the ‘visual pollution’ of many existing systems of public media display and seek to create a alternative method of display which references natural processes and can blend seamlessly in its materiality into varying environments.


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©Amanda Parkes and Dietmar Offenhuber

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