“Development of Exergame to Resolve Deconditioning in Children With Orthostatic Dysregulation” by Miyazaki, Kurihara, Han, Sakaguchi and Kushiyama

  • ©Hitomi Miyazaki, Wataru Kurihara, Xu Han, Saki Sakaguchi, and Kumiko Kushiyama



Entry Number: 01


    Development of Exergame to Resolve Deconditioning in Children With Orthostatic Dysregulation



    In this study, we proposed an exergame to reduce resistance to exercise and maintain motivation in adolescents with orthostatic dysregulation. We created a 2D side-scrolling action game in Unity to be played on smartphones. The game is synchronized with exercises that can be done in a lying posture. We analyzed the effect of the game on the feelings of the participants. Our experiments showed that the use of the exergame has a positive effect on the participants’ emotions during exercise.


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