“Developing software for translation of comic strips” by Kato, Guo, Sato, Hoshino and Saito

  • ©Kyoko Kato, Qinglian Guo, Norio Sato, Yuko Hoshino, and Masahito Saito




    Developing software for translation of comic strips



    The rapid advances in information technology have helped the internationalization in many fields. For example, the newest comics of artists can be digitalized and delivered to readers over the world at the same time as they are published at home. The potential market of comics is huge because they are popular among generations and customers can download and read comic strips on mobile devices, such as cell phones or iPods. Delivering new comics to customers as soon as possible requires quick and correct translation of the comics. There are two ways of presenting the translated text strings: either to type the text strings under each panel or to erase the original texts within the speech balloons and replace them with the translated ones. The latter would be the preferred option to readers. However, it needs more handwork and time.


    1. Qinglian Guo, Kyuko Kato, Norio Sato, Yuko Hoshino, An algorithm for extracting text strings from comic strips, SIGGRAPH2006, Research poster, Boston, 2006.

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