“Destruction and Dynamics for Film and Game Production” by Harada, Zafar, Carlson, Criswell, Baker, et al. …

  • ©Takahiro Harada, Nafees Bin Zafar, Mark Carlson, Brice Criswell, Michael Baker, and Phil Knight



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    Destruction and Dynamics for Film and Game Production

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    Basic understanding of using particle and rigid-body dynamics in film or games. Useful but not required: experience with 3D authoring tools such as Maya, basic knowledge of data structures such as hierarchies, and familiarity with computing-system architecture, graphics hardware, and parallel processing.

    Who Should Attend
    Anyone who wants to learn more about the tools, methodology and implementation used to create destruction using rigid-body dynamics used in film and game production.

    This course focuses on rigid-body and particle simulation and collision techniques used in breaking objects and large-scale destruction. Following a brief introduction to the basic theory, the course continues with examples from specific films and games. Topics include production aspects such as authoring tools (including the open-source Bullet physics library used in both game and film production) and computational and algorithmic issues.

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