“Depth Boost: Extended Depth Reconstruction Capability on Volumetric Display”

  • ©Yamato Miyashita, Yasuhito Sawahata, Miwa Katayama, and Kazuteru Komine

  • ©Yamato Miyashita, Yasuhito Sawahata, Miwa Katayama, and Kazuteru Komine



Entry Number: 35


    Depth Boost: Extended Depth Reconstruction Capability on Volumetric Display



    A key challenge of volumetric displays is presenting a 3D scene as if naturally existed in the physical space. However, the displayable scenes are limited because current volumetric displays do not have a substantial depth reconstruction capability to show scenes with significant depth. In this talk, we propose a dynamic depth compression method that modifies the 3D geometries of presented scenes while considering changes to the spectator’s view point such that entire scenes are fitted within a smaller depth range while maintaining the perceptual quality. Extensive depth compression induces a feeling of unnaturalness in viewers, but the results of an evaluation experiment using a volumetric display simulator indicated that a depth of just 10 cm was needed to show scenes that originally had about 50 m without an unacceptable feeling of unnaturalness. We applied our method to a real volumetric display and validated our findings through an additional user study. The results suggest that our method works well as a virtual extender of a volumetric display’s depth reconstruction capability, enabling hundreds of times larger depth reconstruction than that of current volumetric displays.


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