“Defining point-set surfaces” by Amenta and Kil

  • ©Nina Amenta and Yong Joo Kil




    Defining point-set surfaces



    The MLS surface [Levin 2003], used for modeling and rendering with point clouds, was originally defined algorithmically as the output of a particular meshless construction. We give a new explicit definition in terms of the critical points of an energy function on lines determined by a vector field. This definition reveals connections to research in computer vision and computational topology.Variants of the MLS surface can be created by varying the vector field and the energy function. As an example, we define a similar surface determined by a cloud of surfels (points equipped with normals), rather than points.We also observe that some procedures described in the literature to take points in space onto the MLS surface fail to do so, and we describe a simple iterative procedure which does.


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