“Dancing to the beat of the music” by Wentland, Harker, Cheng, Lundgren, Budac, et al. …

  • ©Harry Wentland, Dan Harker, Irene Cheng, Catherine Lundgren, Robert Budac, and Anup Basu




    Dancing to the beat of the music



    We describe an undergraduate project for real-time analysis of musical beats integrated with dance movements of a graphic character. Several researchers have addressed the problems of automated motion synthesis for virtual choreography [ABB05], animating human athletes [HW98], creating robot dance movements [N*03], and rhythmic motion synthesis based on beat analysis [KPS03]. Our work focuses on creating a database of dance moves, allowing transitions between moves, and having an implementation strategy that allows real time and online support. Figure 1 shows the interface of our software, which allows the users to select a song of their choice under the controls buttons, move the dancer around, add and move lights along with the dancer, and so on.  



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