“Cut-and-paste editing of multiresolution surfaces” by Biermann, Martin, Bernardini and Zorin

  • ©Henning Biermann, Ioana Martin, Fausto Bernardini, and Denis Zorin

  • ©Henning Biermann, Ioana Martin, Fausto Bernardini, and Denis Zorin




    Cut-and-paste editing of multiresolution surfaces



    Cutting and pasting to combine different elements into a common structure are widely used operations that have been successfully adapted to many media types. Surface design could also benefit from the availability of a general, robust, and efficient cut-and-paste tool, especially during the initial stages of design when a large space of alternatives needs to be explored. Techniques to support cut-and-paste operations for surfaces have been proposed in the past, but have been of limited usefulness due to constraints on the type of shapes supported and the lack of real-time interaction. In this paper, we describe a set of algorithms based on multiresolution subdivision surfaces that perform at interactive rates and enable intuitive cut-and-paste operations.


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