“Cubic mean value coordinates” by Li, Ju and Hu

  • ©Xianying Li, Tao Ju, and Shi-Min Hu




    Cubic mean value coordinates

Session/Category Title:   Skinning & Deformation




    We present a new method for interpolating both boundary values and gradients over a 2D polygonal domain. Despite various previous efforts, it remains challenging to define a closed-form interpolant that produces natural-looking functions while allowing flexible control of boundary constraints. Our method builds on an existing transfinite interpolant over a continuous domain, which in turn extends the classical mean value interpolant. We re-derive the interpolant from the mean value property of biharmonic functions, and prove that the interpolant indeed matches the gradient constraints when the boundary is piece-wise linear. We then give closed-form formula (as generalized barycentric coordinates) for boundary constraints represented as polynomials up to degree 3 (for values) and 1 (for normal derivatives) over each polygon edge. We demonstrate the flexibility and efficiency of our coordinates in two novel applications, smooth image deformation using curved cage networks and adaptive simplification of gradient meshes.


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