“Creative Design for the Internet” by Mitchell, Farris and Foley

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    Creative Design for the Internet

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    In a very short amount of time, the Internet has changed greatly in its presentational form and informative structure. This course is intended as a guide to assist with important design decisions that effect content and experiences on the Internet. More specifically, this course will examine creative design of HTML, VRML, and the Palace interfaces. Important issues such as color, balance, continuity, layout and computer/human interaction will be discussed and illustrated. We will demonstrate that creative design not only enriches the presentation of the material but also enhances the usability and computer/human interaction. General concepts such as: intuitive vs exploratory interfaces, elements and principles of aesthetic interface design, metaphors and avatars, expressing visual content, encouraging activity, using scripting for interaction, and 3d versus 2d interfaces will be discussed.  


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