“Creating a Robust Online Pipeline” by Baena

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  • ©Carlos Baena

  • ©Carlos Baena

  • ©Carlos Baena

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    Creating a Robust Online Pipeline



    This talk will cover the efforts that went into creating a fully remote pipeline to produce the award-winning CG short film, La Noria and the spinoff of the pipeline into its publicly available platform; Artella.

    The talk will cover the creation of the main online pipeline tools which allowed the La Noria production to happen all the way through discussing the different technical and creative challenges that came along with producing a film entirely with remote artists.

    Using behind the scenes examples, artwork, renders, and tests from each of the departments of the film attendees of this talk will be walked through this incredibly innovative production that will set the stage for the way we view making movies and how geography won’t be a barrier in the future.

    Additionally, Carlos Baena will bring up the different technical, creative and industry challenges as well as stories for how this film was completed and how the pipeline evolved over the course of the production into what is not available via the Artella virtual production platform.



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