“Convergences in Film and Games Technology” Moderated by

  • ©Juan Miguel de Joya, Alasdair Coull, Kim Davidson, Kim Libreri, Rick Stringfellow, Colin Penty, Bill Polson, and Frank Vitz



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    Convergences in Film and Games Technology




    Film and game production have historically been on parallel yet distinct development tracks. With the advent of new technologies, video games now have the potential to create dynamically robust cinematic gameplay experiences; in turn, the adoption of real-time software has led to more artistically-driven asset creation and faster iteration cycles in film production. These convergences underlie significant paradigm shifts not only in how content is delivered and presented in film and games, but also in terms of the perspectives on how research and technology will be further developed to aid production workflow. 

    This panel aims to provide an open dialogue on the relevant convergences in film and game production processes and technologies. Consisting of leading minds from both industries, the panelists will debate the current state of artistically-driven production tools and resources in the context of their unique perspectives as pioneers in the field. They will provide their thoughts on what the key confluence points are, whether there are definitive differences that disallow one-to-one production convergence, and what challenges and implications there may be that are divergent from traditional mindset for both industries. Finally, the panel will look at emerging trends in the field in a lively discussion that will hopefully hone ideas and technologies both industries may invest in moving forward. 


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