“Conformal equivalence of triangle meshes” by Springborn, Schröder and Pinkall

  • ©Boris Springborn, Peter Schröder, and Ulrich Pinkall




    Conformal equivalence of triangle meshes



    We present a new algorithm for conformal mesh parameterization. It is based on a precise notion of discrete conformal equivalence for triangle meshes which mimics the notion of conformal equivalence for smooth surfaces. The problem of finding a flat mesh that is discretely conformally equivalent to a given mesh can be solved efficiently by minimizing a convex energy function, whose Hessian turns out to be the well known cot-Laplace operator. This method can also be used to map a surface mesh to a parameter domain which is flat except for isolated cone singularities, and we show how these can be placed automatically in order to reduce the distortion of the parameterization. We present the salient features of the theory and elaborate the algorithms with a number of examples.


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