“Computer Graphics as a Way of Life” by DeFanti, Sandin and Nelson

  • ©Thomas (Tom) A. DeFanti, Daniel (Dan) J. Sandin, and Theodor H. Nelson




    Computer Graphics as a Way of Life



    Civilization and its requisite overhead have neatly brought us away from real-time interactions. The high priests of technology use unwieldly systems to perpetuate cybercrud–the art of using computers to put things over on people. This mentality can be countered by bringing to people systems that are easily learned and used–‘habitable’ systems. ‘Habitability’, then, is the quality of a system that makes it comfortable to learn and use.Computer graphics, is especially in a media production environment, must be highly people-oriented. This paper attempts to develop the two essential components for a people-oriented computer system–habitability and environment, using the educational media production laboratory known as the Circle Graphics Habitat as the example.

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