“Computer Graphics And the Changing Methodology for Artists and Designers” Moderated by Alyce Kaprow

  • ©Rob Haimes, Joel A. Slayton, and Paul Souza



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    Computer Graphics And the Changing Methodology for Artists and Designers



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    As computer graphics become a standard addition in the artist’s and designer’s studio, the notion of the process of visual communication and visual problem solving is changing. Along with this comes a newly defined approach to visual problem solving based on the additional capabilities of the designer/artist. There is also a need to understand the distinct differences between the disciplines of art-making and graphic design, which are often considered one and the same by the developers of graphic systems. Because the computer is capable of synthesizing many tasks and operations, the lines often drawn between visual art, music, poetry, sound and environmental design will become faint. allowing us to define a new aesthetic. The state of the art, or more accurately, the state of the market, available to artists and designers has a long way to go to make this technology accessible and affordable to all. However, even with all the present limitations and hesitations, it is still a time to become aware of the inevitable changes, and to be a direct participant in the development of this technology. The use of such equipment promises to expand our abilities beyond anything that has been previously investigated. It is essential that those artists and designers who embrace this technology help form it into a meaningful and useful toolbox.

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