“Component Segmentation of Sketches Used in 3D Model Retrieval” by Kang, Xu, Lin, Xu, Luo, et al. …

  • ©Yang Kang, Chi Xu, Shujin Lin, Songhua Xu, Xiaonan Luo, and Qiang Chen



Entry Number: 64


    Component Segmentation of Sketches Used in 3D Model Retrieval



    Sketching is a natural human practice. With the popularity of multitouch tablets and styluses, sketching has become a more popular means of human-computer interaction. However, accurately recognizing sketches is rather challenging, especially when they are drawn by non-professionals. Therefore, automatic sketch understanding has attracted much research attention. To tackle the problem, we propose to segment sketch drawings before analyzing the semantic meanings of sketches for the purpose of developing a sketch-based 3D model retrieval system.


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