“Commodity Clusters for Immersive Projection Environments” by Kaczmarski, Knorich-Zuffo, Goudeseune, Schaeffer, Allard, et al. …

  • ©Hank Kaczmarski, Marcelo Knorich-Zuffo, Camille Goudeseune, Benjamin Schaeffer, Jérémie Allard, Marcio Calixto Cabral, and Luciano P. Soares


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    Commodity Clusters for Immersive Projection Environments

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    Some familiarity with immersive technologies. While no previous knowledge of cluster computing is assumed, attendees should have a basic knowledge of computer programming and networking.

    Understanding how the system characteristics of a commodity cluster affect its use for virtual reality and graphics. How to design, construct, and manage a commodity cluster from scratch. How to design, port, develop, and evaluate applications for immersive projection spaces.

    Commodity clusters have become an attractive platform for powering immersive projection environments. This course presents practical hardware knowledge and free software tools that enable attendees to start using commodity clusters for virtual reality immediately, and it discusses applications that currently use these technologies.

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