“Color map optimization for 3D reconstruction with consumer depth cameras” by Zhou and Koltun

  • ©Qian-Yi Zhou and Vladlen Koltun




    Color map optimization for 3D reconstruction with consumer depth cameras

Session/Category Title: Depth for All Occasions




    We present a global optimization approach for mapping color images onto geometric reconstructions. Range and color videos produced by consumer-grade RGB-D cameras suffer from noise and optical distortions, which impede accurate mapping of the acquired color data to the reconstructed geometry. Our approach addresses these sources of error by optimizing camera poses in tandem with non-rigid correction functions for all images. All parameters are optimized jointly to maximize the photometric consistency of the reconstructed mapping. We show that this optimization can be performed efficiently by an alternating optimization algorithm that interleaves analytical updates of the color map with decoupled parameter updates for all images. Experimental results demonstrate that our approach substantially improves color mapping fidelity.


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