“Color Management: Theory and Implementation” by Poynton, Bourgoin, Giorgianni and Newman

  • ©Charles A. Poynton, Michael Bourgoin, Edward Giorgianni, and Todd Newman



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    Color Management: Theory and Implementation

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    Experience in designing or using software that processes color images, technical background in creating and manipulating digital imagery, detailed knowledge of image coding.

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    Deliberate, subtle alterations to mathematical “correctness” are applied when a video or film image is originated, in order to maximize the subjective quality of the picture. This course outlined these alterations and suggested how they can be exploited. It demonstrated that profile construction is a blend of science and craft, of mathematics and perception.

    Color management system technology enables device-independent color, which is an admirable goal for business graphics. However, image professionals do not seek device-independent color! This course explained the theory of color management, emphasizing its roots in human visual perception. It detailed implementation and use of color management systems, described the ICC standard for color device profiles, and showed how a device profile is produced.

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    Mary Whitton


    Charles Babbage Institute Archives, University of Minnesota

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