“Cloudy with a chance of Rendering”

  • ©Daniel Bergel, Craig Dibble, Pauline Koh, James Pearson, and Hannes Ricklefs



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    Cloudy with a chance of Rendering



    Disney’s The Jungle Book required MPC to deliver work of an unprecedented visual complexity and quality. To enable Disney to fully realise their creative vision, MPC wanted to ensure it had burst compute capacity available through flexible and scalable cloud based resources.

    The major technical challenge was to provide this burst capacity whilst meeting the strict security requirements of our client, something which had not previously been achieved for a production of this scale or sensitivity. The project needed dedicated resources across Technology, Operations and Production to holistically capture and address everyone’s requirements and process constraints.

    Across all these domains the project was considered a huge success. This talk presents the key challenges faced including a technical overview of the architecture, the essential management tools, and the interaction with production from identifying appropriate job types to effective utilisation of these virtual resources.


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