“Cloth capture”

  • ©Ryan White, Anthony Lobay, and David A. Forsyth




    Cloth capture



    We present a method for capturing the geometry and parameterization of fast-moving cloth using multiple video cameras, without requiring camera calibration. Our cloth is printed with a multi-scale pattern that allows capture at both high speed and high spatial resolution even though self-occlusion might block any individual camera from seeing the majority of the cloth. We show how to incorporate knowledge of this pattern into conventional structure- from-motion approaches, and use a novel scheme for camera calibration using the pattern. We use bundle adjustment to obtain ac- curate reconstruction results and use the parameterization to drive several stages of post processing including strain reduction and a cloth simulation to fill in gaps. We demonstrate our algorithm by capturing, retexturing and displaying several sequences of fast moving cloth.


    Lobay, A., and Forsyth, D. 2004. Recovering shape and irradiance maps from rich dense texton fields. In Proceedings of Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR).

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