“CLEV-R: A Collaborative Learning Environment with Virtual-Reality” by Monahan, McArdle and Bertolotto

  • ©Teresa Monahan, Gavin McArdle, and Michela Bertolotto



Entry Number: 036


    CLEV-R: A Collaborative Learning Environment with Virtual-Reality



    Recently more and more web-based, graphical applications have been developed. Due to a wider availability of broadband and greater connection speeds, these graphics have become progressively more complex and are now often accompanied by multimedia material. We aim to take advantage of these capabilities in the development of CLEV-R, a Collaborative Learning Environment with Virtual Reality. CLEV-R delivers a real time Virtual Reality (VR) environment, where learning material is augmented through the use of multimedia. The introduction of VR offers a new and interactive way to present learning material and provides users with a more motivating and stimulating way to learn.


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