“Cellular Modeling of Dye Stain on Cloth” by Morimoto and Tsuruno

  • ©Yuki Morimoto and Reiji Tsuruno

  • ©Yuki Morimoto and Reiji Tsuruno

  • ©Yuki Morimoto and Reiji Tsuruno



Entry Number: 025


    Cellular Modeling of Dye Stain on Cloth



    In this paper, we present computer generated dyeing. Dyeing involves producing inherent patterns by different dyeing techniques, for witch, the kind of surface and the dye type used are considerations. Staining on cloth, a type of dyeing, has different considerations from dyeing a paper surface.
    Research has been done on simulating liquid color diffusion in the paper fiber, for example simulating water colors[Curtis et al. 1997], Chinese ink paintings and black ink paintings. However, there has been no research performed for cloth. In this paper we first construct a model for the representation of dye on cloth. We then use the model to generate a more complicated image with a 2D image input.


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