“Building A Dynamic Dad” by Campbell and Jarvers

  • ©Kristopher Campbell and Jonas Jarvers

  • ©Kristopher Campbell and Jonas Jarvers

  • ©Kristopher Campbell and Jonas Jarvers

  • ©Kristopher Campbell and Jonas Jarvers

  • ©Kristopher Campbell and Jonas Jarvers



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    Building A Dynamic Dad



    In Pixar’s Onward, the character Dad had an upper half which consisted of a stuffed hoodie, puffy vest, and garden gloves. The arms were floppy, stuffed sleeves able to swing freely while the head was a cinched, stuffed hood topped with a cap and wearing sunglasses. His lower body was rigged and simulated like a typical character. Knowing it was unrealistic to hand-animate the loose swinging arms and squishy upper body for a feature-length project, we developed a hybrid simulation/animation rig using tetrahedral volumes with complex rest state deformation and animatable targeting. This resulted in a robust, iterative workflow where simulation and animation were used together.


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