“Boss Baby’: Foamy Business” by Huang, Tampubolon, Chow, Ong and Woo

  • ©Jinguang Huang, Andre Pradhana Tampubolon, David Chow, KC Ong, and Youxi Woo



Entry Number: 30


    Boss Baby': Foamy Business



    In a world run by babies, the most potent weapon from The Boss Baby: Family Business was, appropriately, the loveable, children’s craft – foam. Yet needing to show foam as both a friendly, intimate plaything and a powerful, massively dangerous adversary, we extended our proprietary Material Point Method solver to represent close up interactions retaining the mass of the frothy material as well as creating large scale, explosive volumetric setups. To retain a consistent look, we created a robust geometric surface and textural shader that was able to hold its form whether fitting in a handheld glass or expanding at speeds and scales to fill an entire courtyard.


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