“Biomedical Applications: What You Need to Know” by Grimm, Müeller and Larson

  • ©Cindy M. Grimm, Rolf Müeller, and Stephen Larson



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    Biomedical Applications: What You Need to Know

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    This course takes an in-depth look at the types of models and analysis tools researchers are developing for biomedical applications. These applications are motivated by the increasing ubiquity of 3D imaging devices, which enables frequent, high-quality images of structures that researchers use, for example, to track the effects of disease. Although simply visualizing the data is useful, quantitative measurements require development of higher-level models for measuring quantities such as area, density, and shape change.

    This course covers the state of the art in this area, including: how and what kinds of models are created from images, what kinds of measurements can be done both from the images themselves and from intermediate models, and common issues that arise when dealing with imaging data.  

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