“Avatar: The Way of Cloth, Hair, and Coupled Simulation” by Zhai, Schweickart, Ilinov, Wretborn, Stomakhin, et al. …

  • ©Xiao Zhai, Eston Schweickart, Nikolay Ilinov, Joel Wretborn, Alexey Stomakhin, John Homer, Jefri Haryono, and Julian Butler




    Avatar: The Way of Cloth, Hair, and Coupled Simulation

Session/Category Title: Avatar: The Way of Fluid Dynamics



    We present CreLoki, an extension to the multi-physics framework Loki, that enables unified creatures physics with straightforward coupling. CreLoki avoids the error-prone scene configuration and offers a familiar interface in Autodesk Maya without compromising quality, customizability, or extendability. It encourages a broader adoption of unified physics among creature artists.

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