“Avatar Teachers – CLONE3D and NTU/SADM” by Chavez

  • ©Mark Chavez

  • ©Mark Chavez




    Avatar Teachers - CLONE3D and NTU/SADM



    The creation of 3d automated agents interfaced with artificial intelligence for information based applications requires that the characters developed have both intelligence and approachability. This project presents characterizations of real-time 3d characters posing as instructional agents. In our approach unique personality and design models permit the artificial agents to gain the trust of the person(s) they interact with. Inherent to many people faced with new technologies and in particular artificial agents there is trepidation. This system provide a method of conversing with the artificial agents about a wide array of topics. In doing so the user gains trust in the agent seeing it as a harmless though fascinating toy. By filtering responses the agent can converse about a particular focused range of topics. The input from the user can stray off the chosen topic and the agent will appropriately respond. The interaction can result in a conversation that leads the user to a particular understanding regarding appropriateness of discourse. A prototype character is hosted on the website CLONE3D.


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